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Hi - I'm Robby. 
Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

By now you've probably figured it out, I'm Robby Pinkelman. I'm the face and owner of Pinkelman Productions. This whole thing started when I was asked to film a family friends wedding back in 2014. At the time, I was working as a camera man for a local news station so I said, "let's give this a shot!" From there, I knew that capturing the real and raw moments to a wedding was something special! I am passionate about the films I create and the couples I get to work with. I put a lot of sweat and tears into the films I create because I know how special this day is. I pride myself on capturing the details, the love, and bringing back the feelings from your day each time you watch your video. 

When I'm not busy shooting weddings and commercials, you can find me with family (wife - Courtney & son - Paxton), on the lake, playing with our dog, or watching football (Huskers & Chiefs). 

Would love to chat & help you make memories together that you can watch for a lifetime!

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